March 2016


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Last week – So it has been a bit of hectic week this past week. As a result I have not been posting the daily homesteading blog. I have been really focused on my physical fitness in order to prepare myself for an upcoming Army school that I have to attend in order to get promoted. […]

Last 24 – Not a lot to report today. The lawn mower is ready for action, so that’s a good start for our lawn care. Of course the daily chores were done, watering the cows and the trees. The trees however would really benefit from some added mulch. The wife and I have decided to rent […]

Last 24 – The Walking Dead last night was excellent, full of suspense and drama. As always though the best part was spending time with our best friends, having dinner, and great discussions. The trees were watered and checked, for those of you planning on planting your own trees whether they are ornamental or fruit […]