March 2016

Living my own advice

Last 24 – Here it is, after recording Episodes 002 and 003 I realized that I should probably adhere to what I was saying on the podcast. As a result yesterday turned into a family meeting where my wife and I sat down together and created a list of priorities both for the house and […]

Pin of the day Control

Check out the pin of the day about what we can control in our lives, give some contemplation about how much time you spend worrying or just concerned with the things you can’t control. see it here.

Chickens Day 1

Last 24 – So we had an interesting event last night. As my wife and I were eating dinner and havingĀ a nice conversation at the kitchen table. I look out into the pasture and I see 2 coyote’s about 120 yards from the house and only about 50 yards from one of the calves. By […]

Pin of the day - Chicks

Check out the pin of the day about chicks (as in baby chickens) from bringing them home to moving to the coop. see it here.

Running for promotion

Last 24 – Let me start by saying the past three days have been quite stressful for me. As you’ll recall on Tuesday I stated that I received a phone call from my boss informing me that if I wanted to attend a school, which I need for promotion, then I had to take an […]

Early Day, Late Start

Last 24 – Alright so good news first, I was able to get Episode 002 finished yesterday and once I give it one more listen I’ll post it on the website. Additionally, I was able to get most of Episode 003 recorded, however it still needs to be edited and some additions added to it. […]

Last 24 – Yesterday the day started out normal enough, and I got to work a little later than I would have liked mainly because I’m helping out a buddy by taking care of his dogs while he is out of town. As a result my day didn’t start with my morning run. My office […]