April 2016

Last 24 hrs – I first want to apologize to those who have been looking for the daily blog posts. I was out of town attending a leadership school for the Army. In order to maintain Operational Security (OPSEC), meaning didn’t want to advertise to the world I wasn’t home, I thought it best not […]

This blog post is all about birthdays. First and foremost I want to wish my amazing wife a very happy birthday. I love you. So for some people birthdays are a very special day in which we can celebrate the day we were brought into this world. For others, birthdays are a day they would […]

So just a quick blog post today. We have had beautiful weather today so we’ve been working all day. Mainly house cleaning, some house maintenance, and collecting some firewood. I had to run to town today, on the way there my cousin saw me drive by while he was working with some other friends of […]