This episode number 19 of The Big Rule of 3 Podcast. Talking about late spring gardening, some tips, helpful hints, and motivation to get something growing that you and your family can enjoy.


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Pin of the day - what's for dinner

Check out the pin of day here. We had this Thai Peanut Butter Chicken that was pretty good, be sure and double the sauce receipt. You can find the recipe here at

start getting excited now, because new episodes of the Big Rule of 3 Podcast are coming soon, like really soon.

So my standard operating procedure when producing the podcast is after I have recorded, edited, and published the podcast I download it to my iPod. Once I have it downloaded I give it a listen so that I know how it sounds to my listeners. This weeks episode was about Memorial Day and I changed […]

Last 24 hrs – I first want to apologize to those who have been looking for the daily blog posts. I was out of town attending a leadership school for the Army. In order to maintain Operational Security (OPSEC), meaning didn’t want to advertise to the world I wasn’t home, I thought it best not […]