Fence mending Sunday

Last 24 – So we got off to church a little later than both my wife and I wanted. Then received a phone call from her Step-mother asking if we were available for a birthday lunch later in the day. So pretty much I spent a few hours Sunday Morning working on the Big Rule of 3 Podcast website. After Church and family time it was back to the homestead. I want to add something very important in right here. Even though the family birthday lunch wasn’t planned, and we could have easily made an excuse to get out of it, we didn’t because we both believe in the importance of family and always keeping them as the number one priority. So all it really means is I have some more fence work to do tomorrow. So Sunday nights is an evening where my wife and I visit with friends and watch The Walking Dead on AMC. We take turns cooking meals or desserts depending on who’s turn it is for the main meal. So every Monday I will do a quick review just because I love the show, if you like the show but don’t want Spoilers then here is your alert. Last night’s episode while a little slow, did have some dramatic reinforcement. We got to see Maggie really step up and show her leadership ability. And our group have now decided that its ok to sell their services and skill sets as mercenaries. Take note though of the homesteading and farming issues that the deal with and some potential solutions. in the first scene Maggie is trying to use vertical space for tomatoes, maybe not the best use of vertical space when trying to feed so many people but interesting non-the-less.

Next 24 – Its back to my “normal” work day if you will. I work as a Recruiter for the Kansas Army National Guard and tomorrow I have young Soldier shipping off to Basic Combat Training and I have to transport him to the shipping location.  Once I get home I still have some more fence to mend, and I will take some before and after photos that will be posted for your see. I think I’ll make a little stop at the Tractor Supply Company Store to see if I can find some materials to make my job easier.

T & C – So apparently there is way more fence that needs repaired prior to letting the cattle loose on the property. Which means till I get it fixed the more hay they are going to eat and the more water I have to provide. Gotta get this fence mending done ASAP.

Quote: “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else will affect its successful outcome.” William James

The power of positive thinking and the usefulness of positive being guide us toward making positive change. In all honesty that is my true goal with both this Blog, Website, and the upcoming Podcast is to help others create positive change in their lives. I can tell you already that this venture is creating positive Change in my life, and I am thriving because of it. Stay positive people.

Make Ready yourself and your family for the unexpected.

Stand Up for your personal freedom and independence.

Take Action to create positive change in your life.

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