Let it begin

This is the first Official blog post for the Big Rule of 3 Podcast.  My name is Bruce Curry the host of the podcast and operator of this site.  My wife and I own a small 37 acre farm in the Southeast Corner of Kansas. Our reason for purchasing and moving to this piece of property was so that we could live a more self sufficient life and be more self reliant. There is much more to our story and I have a lot of hopes and dreams that I want to share with you, in addition there are lots of things I would love to learn about you as we travel down this path together. All in due course.

This Blog will be  a daily Blog that will provide updates to those listeners that follow the show. This blog will also help to tell my Story and the story of what I’m trying to do as I am doing it. My intent is to have a loose format for the blog that will make it easier for me as a new blogger, and hopefully more enjoyable for you the reader. The basic format will be to follow my Army training and provide you with a SITREP, Situation Report, which will consist of the significant events of the past 24 hours, critical missions coming up in the next 24 hours, and my thoughts and concerns towards the successful accomplishment of those missions. I will also include a quote for the day, that I have found to both inspirational and motivational. Everyday, my goal is to have a new pin on Pinterest, so if that is one of your social media outlets please check out my page and follow us. Of course we have a Facebook page, and while it is operational it needs quite a bit of work. Both the Website, blog, Facebook page, and Pinterest are currently in a soft launch phase. My hard launch projection date is April 1st 2016, a full month prior to the anticipated launch of the actual Podcast.

Past 24 – In the past 24 hours I have created a website (that is still very much under construction), created a Pinterest page, and ordered the hardware needed for my new podcast. Additionally, I worked with my father-in-law on mending some fence around our property in preparation for letting the cows out of one field and into a bigger one. As we get more sunshine, and warmer weather the grass on my property should really take off, provided we get some much needed rain. Speaking of rain, my father-in-law and I also spent about 2 hours trying to map out the terrain elevation around my barn, as it seems to be one of the lowest spots on our property. Now just for the sake of saving face, I didn’t build the barn in its current location, it was already there when we bought the property last May. As a result however I now have water going were it isn’t needed and we are working out a plan to move that water to other places. I would like to redirect some of it to a same food forest, that will hopefully go in this year. My have to seek some professional guidance, and for that I will be contact someone that deals with permaculture design.

Next 24 – Still have some more fence to mend, and I will take some before and after photos that will be posted for your see. Keep in mind I’m still learning, but if you have some recommendation after seeing my handy work please feel free to jump in the conversation. Church is always a priority on Sunday, so then after church is when my work day will begin. I have some organization that needs done in the Barn, and the Garden Tiller needs service so that it can be put into action in the coming week. I will also complete an inventory of what construction materials I have so that I can determine what I need to purchase in order to build my chicken tractor. This will be one of the first major projects of this site and of our homestead.

T & C – There never seems to be enough time in the day, or maybe more to the point I always think I can get more done than I really can. Some tasks just have a variable time schedule for completion that is really hard to set in stone. I would really like to have all the material needed for the Chicken tractors, but I am fairly certain a trip to town for some supplies will be required. I do have some concern whither or not the fence in certain places is ready for the cattle, and I’m also concerned that our family dogs are going to go bonkers when the cows are in the backyard, so to speak.

Quote – “If your dream is a big dream, and if you want your life to work on the high level that you say you do, there’s no way around doing the work it takes to get you there” – Joyce Chapman

I felt this appropriate for the first official blog posting. I do have a big dream, and I know it will be work, but I welcome the work, the challenge, and yes the fruits of my labor. Point; Have dreams, Make goals, Set Steps to achieve your goals, and take action to create positive Change.

Make Ready yourself and your family for the unexpected.

Stand Up for your personal freedom and independence.

Take Action to create positive change in your life.

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