Love is in the air

So just a quick blog post today. We have had beautiful weather today so we’ve been working all day. Mainly house cleaning, some house maintenance, and collecting some firewood. I had to run to town today, on the way there my cousin saw me drive by while he was working with some other friends of ours. They were taking down a huge elm tree. He called me and asked if I would be interested in the wood, to which I responded heck yeah. So after 4 trips back and forth with my truck we now have a good sized stack of wood in the yard. As for the title of the post, while I was watering the backyard orchard trees and the cows I noticed that the bull was attempting to ride one of the cows. So I went to the house and grabbed my binos, so that I could get a better look. Sure enough one of the cows has come into season, and the bull is doing his best to service her. The bull is a young bull, so he doesn’t have his timing quite right but no doubt he’ll get the job done. In addition, all the little bull calves are following around trying to do the same thing. Adolescent calves are almost like watching adolescent human boys following around the prettiest girl school. Well anyway enough on that.

I started to work on some flee market booth projects, but all I really got done were some rough draft prototypes. Once I have something more to write about on those projects I’ll fill ya in. As for now I’ll have to get some different tools in order to accomplish the couple projects I started today.

Some awesome news on the Podcast, it had 34 downloads in the first day of release. Also, I got some direct feedback from one of my fellow Guardsman about the podcast which was really kinda cool. Direct feedback in the same day as release is really pretty nice. So for all of you who listened to the Podcast debut thank you very much and I hope that you continue to download and listen. We have some really great shows coming up. For those that haven’t listened yet, please go to check on the Podcast and let me know what you think.

One last thought there seems to be a lot of coyotes activity around our county as of late and my place was no exception. First thing this morning I saw a large coyotes roaming around my pasture. He was way too close to the cows, and I was going to dispatch him. However, I was never able to get a clean shot and I’m rather thankful. I don’t particularly enjoy killing animals, and he didn’t bother the cows this time around. My fear is that either that coyote or other coyotes will become habituated to our property and then try and either take down a calve or one of our dogs.

Alright it’s almost time for Walking Dead, so I’m done!

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