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The new Logo is in. A huge thank you to my great friend Ryan Qualls from Sapper Desgins. He did an excellent job, that was quick, and priced so fairly that I couldn’t pass it up. Please check out his site HERE. And check out the new Logo The 3 Tenants of The Big Rule […]

Last 24 – Wednesday was awesome, I was able to teach Life Skills training to my high school students. We discussed how to put things into perspective, and not just through abstract thought but through a five step process that works like this. Step 1: identify the situation that is causing you great anxiety or worry. Step […]

Last 24 – Alright so my three mile run goal turned into an actual 2 mile run, but a run is better than no run. I haven’t mentioned this yet on here but my wife and I have recently quit smoking.  I cannot begin to tell you how much easier it was to run today. It was like I […]

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Last 24 –  I got my young Soldier shipped off to Basic Combat Training, that was 6 hours of road time.  I was able to stop by TSC and pick a new fence splicing kit and some new work gloves. If you are already a homesteader or farmer you probably already know this but the newbies […]