Recharged and Rainy Days

So now that I have published the reboot of the podcast I feel surprisingly recharged. This is such an awesome feeling, I have more energy, my mood has improved and I feel like my mind is starting to work at its normal fast pace again. I really believe that over the past 9 months, due to the stress at work, my mind was really feeling bogged down. I didn’t really feel like I had any new ideas or inspiration. Now I feel rejuvenated, ready to go out and concur the world, or at least my back yard. Speaking of my backyard I’m really irritated that I haven’t been able to get my annual garden put in yet. It seems like every weekend I either have work stuff, or its raining. Raining would be an understatement for what we have this weekend, this is more like biblical downpours. We are supposed to get 5 to 6 inches of rain in three days. Now how in the world is a small time homesteader, that works a full-time job, and has a newborn child suppose to get anything done on the farm with all I get is rain on my days off. but I digress. I do believe there is an up shot to this. Since my garden is not in the ground yet, I may actually come out the other side of June in better shape. My neighbor God bless is an elderly retired man and he has had his Garden in since the early/ mid April. I’m afraid his garden may get flood out or at least his plants will get too much water in short period of time. This actually happened last year too. He had some crops from his garden, but I was having pretty good yields even though I was over a month behind him in planting. So moral of the post, recharge yourself, enjoy a rainy day, and find that silver lining.

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