Thankful for good Neighbors

Last week – So it has been a bit of hectic week this past week. As a result I have not been posting the daily homesteading blog. I have been really focused on my physical fitness in order to prepare myself for an upcoming Army school that I have to attend in order to get promoted. Additionally, I’ve had to focus a little more of my energy on work, because I was noticing that I wasn’t get certain tasks accomplished. At any rate, here we are back in the business of blogging. If you haven’t already noticed The big Rule of 3 episode 003 has been posted and is available for listening. I’m going to share a little story about what happened on our homestead Easter Eve. So Saturday morning we were both kinda slow to getting up and around, which considering our week some extra rest was much earned and deserved. My wife went to work for a little bit to get caught up on a few things and I went to the gym for a HIIT workout. HIIT for those who don’t know is High Intensity Interval Training (more on that in Episode 005 which is forthcoming). Then we decided to check out a new steak house in town for lunch after which we went to work on our new Flee Market Booth. I loaded up some wood and some tools, and my wife loaded up our merchandise and we set out. After constructing some shelves and several deferent design changes on the layout it was completed. We quickly realized that we didn’t have a lot of items in our small booth. That got me thinking more about craft items I could make, and my wife could make better, that we could sell in the booth. After some search on Pinterest I found several items that gave me some inspiration. When we got home I immediately went to work in the barn with some old seasoned cedar and bared wire. Apparently city folk like to buy old scrap wood with bared wire on it. I have plenty of scrap wood and old rusty bared wire. Anyway, while I was contracting my second homestead masterpiece, and the wife was watering the backyard orchard, we heard a loud noise that sounded like a combination of an explosion and car crash. About that time I looked toward the highway and witnessed a mini-van fly sideways across my driveway and land with in a few feet of our mailbox. I took off running, with a slight pause to think about whether or not I should grab my first aid kit, but then just took off running down the drive dialing 911 as I went. I really thought for sure I was going to find someone, or several people hurt when I got to the crash site. As I was getting close to the van the driver opened his door and stepped out. I gave all the information to the 911 operator and I asked the driver if he was injured. After he informed me that he was not, I relayed that to the dispatcher and then she notified me that a deputy was enroute. About that time my wife walked up and talked the guy for a while. We both got a little bit of an uneasy feeling from the guy so we basically went back to doing what we were doing. The Sheriff Deputy arrived and did his thing. So long story, longer, the van had left the road hit the culvert of the neighbor’s driveway, took out his mailbox, came through ditch all cattywampus, then hit a corner hedge post that spun him and sent him airborne over our driveway and landing in between our mailbox and a telephone poll that sits right next to our corner hedge post.

Fast forward to Monday, and I was coming home to take care of the dogs. I see my neighbor out by the road with another truck parked next to him. So I stop and get out to talk with the two gentlemen. As it turns out the other man was also a neighbor. So we struck up a conversation and carried on for quite some time, which is normally the case with farmers. All told three of our surrounding neighbors had either stopped either directly after the accident or within a day to check on things. Now some people my call this being nosey or whatever, but I call that neighborly. It is nice to know that the people that live close to our homestead are kind, friendly folks that will check on you if something happens. I helped my elderly neighbor set the corner post back in its hole and I was going to help him repair the fence, but he said no need. I had to get back to work anyway, and I really thing he was happy to have something to do. Moral of the whole story, get to know your neighbors, and be thankful if they are caring people that you can get along with.

Next 24 hrs – I’m hoping to get both episodes 004 and 005 of the Podcast done this week so I can begin submission to iTunes and Stitcher. Along with that we have a long list of to-dos around here so I really have to get busy knocking that stuff out.

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